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save the grass || luhan/sehun; fluff, crack; g
Where Sehun is the latest frat sapling and Luhan is a well-decorated double-major candidate for graduation; both with an almost impossible affection for Mother Earth and knack for awkward loveydovey encounters.

day late friend || changmin/sooyoung; angst; g
Time will turn and tell, could've been lovers but at least you're still my day late friend.

the season that stayed || changmin/sooyoung; angst; g
Summer is all in bloom.

step closer || yunho/boa; fluff, drama, g
"How do you imagine yourself years from now?"

heartbreaker || jaejoong/sooyoung; fluff; g
He is everything she dislikes and yet she wants him so bad.

strawberry-seeded rain || changmin/sooyoung/kyuhyun; fluff; g
It is a slightly moody day when she first sees him. He is staring at a group of rainclouds galloping across a dull afternoon sky.

bangkok || changmin/sooyoung; fluff; g
They call it the City of Angels.

sad movies || yonghwa/seohyun; angst; pg
The music is low and the lights are dimmed; but as the film rolled into a mosaic of shapes and sounds, Joohyun feels nothing of the cold cinema except that of the faded technicolor remnants of her memories flashing in front of her.

summer and max || changmin/sooyoung; fluff; g
Summer loves bikes, blue skies, and apple pies. She is rather skinny and quite tall for her age. Her hair is long and wavy; lips like soft petals; and eyes, the color of melted cocoa. Max loves the smell of coffee even if he isn't really fond of drinking such. He is tall, a bit lanky, and sports a permanently 'lost' look. His nose is high as his ears are big; and his eyes, forever wondering.

speech balloon || sooyoung/sungmin/kyuhyun/siwon/hankyung/yunho/changmin; angst, fluff; g
The things Sooyoung would love to say but can't and the reason behind them.

keso || sooyoung/yoona; friendship; g
Im Yoona is a ball of cheese.

sajin || donghae-centric; angst; g
On his bedside table were his prized possessions. Rows and rows of photographs. Of beautiful people and memories frozen for time.

4:10 pm || sooyoung-centric; heavy angst; pg
There on the white casket, with all the world's beautiful flowers surrounding her, lies the most delicate of them all. She appears to be sleeping; with that smile of kindness never fading from her lips. She sleeps on peacefully; she sleeps on to forever.

dawn || dusk || cityscape
hankyung/sooyoung/donghae; angst, drama, fluff; g
She was never really a morning person. But, things do change. Life is a blur and he’s skipping through it. The city bursts with life and along with the dying of the sun, it slowly settles.

epiphany || agape
sungmin/sooyoung; angst, drama, pg
Thirteen. One number more than a dozen. That's too much for one band. That's too much for anything.

don't stop till it's over || multi-pairing; multi-genre

twins || heechul/jessica; angst; g
He first saw her seven years ago. He was twenty; and she, fourteen.

unrequited || yunho/sooyoung; angst; g
She loves him, yes. But not like how he wants her to love him.

end || taeyeon/junsu; angst; pg
When a heart breaks, it doesn't break even.

chingu || sooyoung/sungmin; angst; g
They’re still friends. Forever friends.

reason || jaejoong/sooyoung; fluff; g
She is the girl with walls high and heavy surrounding her.

love story || sungmin/sooyoung/kyuhyun; drama; pg
A love story is most often observed by the people watching rather than the people in it.

music box || kyuhyun/sooyoung; angst; g
The ballerina twirled in time with the tinkling of the music box. The sound blending with the soft whistling of the wind.

nostalgia || sungmin/sooyoung; angst; g
Sooyoung and Sungmin used to be inseparable. Used to be. Because it was all in the past now.

i'll find mine || taeyeon/sooyoung; angst; g (pg for sones)
The morning cried the day SNSD lost its leader.

food fight || changmin/sooyoung; fluff; pg
Sometimes, it is not food which Shim Changmin is hungry for.

shining star || super junior band-fic; fluff (?)
They've been to many countries, crossed countless seas, but there's always this one country that will forever hold a special place in their heart. Hangsang hamkke halgeora... till the end of time...

beginning || yonghwa/seohyun; fluff; g
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

truth || seohyun/kyuhyun/sooyoung; angst; pg
The SM Town duet is a plethora of emotions.

your universe || changmin/sooyoung; fluff, g
You hold me like I'm the one who's precious; I hate to break it to you but it's just the other way around.

aftermath || kyuhyun/sooyoung; fluff, humor; g
Kyuhyun is good at three things: Starcraft, singing, and hiding his feelings for Sooyoung.

harmony || yonghwa/seohyun; fluff; g
Music is what feelings sound like.

selling out mondays || kyuhyun/sooyoung/siwon; angst; pg
People will never miss water until the well runs dry.

pabo || changmin/sooyoung; angst; g
What's the real deal between Changmin and Sooyoung? There is none.

promenade || yunho/sooyoung; fluff; g
The sky is peppered with stars; the wind hums a pleasant lullaby; and the entire world is asleep.

replay || key/sooyoung; angst; g
She was his first love but she broke his heart.

of new houses, phone calls, and speechless brothers-in-law || jungshin/sooyoung; fluff; g
Is being adorably stupid a necessary requirement to be a member of CNBLUE?

the place where i feel most like me || sooyoung/jessica; friendship, drama; g
The fireworks smear a palette of colors in the sky and Sooyoung thinks they look a thousand times better mirrored in Sica’s eyes.

sunday afternoon || changmin/yoona; fluff; g
The sky is a clear picture of tranquil blue and feathery white clouds. She sits nonchalantly on her favorite wooden bench at the park; legs crossed on top of each other and her nose buried in a book.

before you go || sooyoung/your choice; fluff; g
It’s another Monday and Sooyoung comes out of their house in her usual deranged Monday self.

her boys || yoona-centric; fluff, friendship; g
Everything changes.

winter || sooyoung/changmin; angst; g
Shim Changmin opens his eyes and looks at the girl beside him. what is it that you are afraid of most? he asks nonchalantly as if all the courage in the world is pulsating in his veins.

life is a piece of cake || sooyoung/jungshin; fluff; g
What's worse than having a shikshin in your dorm? Answer: Having another shikshin drop by for a visit.

mélomane || changmin/sooyoung; romance; r
His tongue writes stories against her mouth, telling her tales of long time waiting and nights spent alone.

a heart filled with showers || changmin/sooyoung; drama, angst; pg
On the day everything went wrong, Shim Changmin was tending his wife's favorite violet posies on their picket-fenced little garden.

sunny rain || sooyoung/donghae; fluff; g
The days of their youth stretched from months to years but somehow, nothing has changed. His memories with Sooyoung will always be of soft rain on late afternoons.

the town with a view of the sea || sooyoung/donghae; fluff; g
On a windswept hill by a billowing sea, my destiny sits and waits for me.

a cottage named destiny || sooyoung/changmin; fantasy, romance; pg
Wherein Sooyoung is a ghost and Changmin is an artist searching for a lost fragment of his soul.

dirge || slow dancing in a burning room || solace
eunhyuk/donghae; angst, fluff; g
For when you take down everything, the only question left answered is "what do you feel?" and not "to whom do you feel it for?"

remordere || revengen || initium
kyuhyun/sooyoung; angst, angst, more angst; pg
The angstiest fic in this journal. Until 4:10pm, of course. :)))
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