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Holiday Gifts

Title: Holiday Gifts
Pairing: Sooyoung/Donghae; Sooyoung/Kris; Sooyoung/Siwon; Sooyoung/Changmin; Sooyoung/Kyuhyun; Sooyoung/Sungmin
Rating G
Genre: Fluff

Sooyoung/Donghae; do you hear what i hear?
"Does falling snow have a sound?"

Donghae tipped his head to one side as he asked her the question. It has been their simple tradition since their pre-debut days, staying on the company rooftop while the rest of SM prepares for the highly celebrated Christmas party. They would watch the city of Seoul glimmer beneath their feet as they throw unanswered questions into the air – their worries, their dreams. Queries of ‘do you think we would be successful as a twelve-member group?’ and ‘when do you think I’d debut?’ were long gone replaced by reservations about the simpler things in life that both have associated with maturity and age.

“Sooyoungie…” Just when Donghae would repeat his question, the girl started talking.

“Yes. Sometimes, it’s loud and merry like the sound of children’s laughter. Sometimes, it’s as quiet as a smile spreading on a young girl’s face. It sounds like the Christmas carols playing on the streets and logs burning in a fireplace. It sounds like happiness. But I wonder, if Christmas has a voice, what does it say?”

A handful of snow fell from the ledge they were sitting but Sooyoung noticed it not. She was still staring wide-eyed at him, a red tinge tinting the apple of her cheeks as she reeled from the shock of his surprise kiss.

Donghae smiled widely as he held her hands and placed it gently against his chest.

“It says I love you.”

Sooyoung/Kris; sorry, santa but I'm not writing to you this year
December 18, 2021
Vancouver, Canada

My Dearest Sooyoung,

This is my first time writing something as mushy as this. I hope you won’t be teasing me forever (though I don’t really mind even if you do). I just thought it would be more romantic to send you this apart from the usual conversations that we do on Skype. ^^

Winter is colder here; and though the fire in the hearth had always kept the house warm, I can still feel the chill without your warm embrace comforting me. I had been thinking a lot since the last time we talked to each other. Mom and Dad were very excited about the trip there but there are really some misfortunes that we cannot prepare ourselves no matter how we try. Dad can’t eat solid foods yet but he is slowly recovering. He says he will do his best to be strong and healthy so that he can finally meet his granddaughter. I told him he has to because I die each passing day that I am not with the two of you.

How is Mei Lin? Is she giving you a hard time? She is growing up so fast now, isn’t she? God, I miss you two so much.

It is lonely to spend Christmas without you.

Tonight, I feel more melancholic than usual. Remember that night, during the first snow of the year? It was the start of the happiest days of my life; when you said yes and agreed to be my wife. Even though we are separated for now, I am counting the days to when I will see you again.

We might be on the opposite parts of the world but whenever I think about your smile, I know that we are never truly apart.

I really wanted to go home this Christmas. Hide under the Christmas tree to surprise you, because I’m your Kris Kringle. KRIS Kringle. Geddit? Haha. That’s a lame joke but I really miss you. I miss you so much. :(

And since I can’t get myself home this holiday season, please let the box that goes along with this letter ask for my forgiveness. Have you seen it? Mom helped me pick that out. She said that the diamond stars match our wedding ring. I cannot be with you physically on our first wedding anniversary but I’m sending you all of my love.

I’m coming home soon.

Merry Christmas!

Yours forever,
Jia Heng

The weather is making me sappy.
I love you.

Sooyoung/Siwon; and heaven and nature sing
She meets him in a congregation.

The pastor tells them to give greetings to people they do not know yet so she looks at the girl on her left and gives her a kind smile.

“Merry Christmas.”

She sees him looking at her from the corner of her eye and before she can look at the front again, he had already extended his hands towards her.

“I’m Siwon. Merry Christmas.” A dimpled smile graces his handsome features as he held her hand.
“Sooyoung. Merry Christmas too.”

She flashes him a shy smile and pulls away gently as she turned around to look at the front, worrying whether he had seen the blush that crept up her cheeks.

It had only been the second time she had attended the church service but she already knew who he was even if he didn’t introduce himself to her. Everybody adores Choi Siwon, the well-groomed young man with good looks, kind heart, and a passion to serve God.

She feels butterflies dancing inside her tummy as so she looks down on the floor and smiles.

Siwon still remembers the first day he saw her. It was exactly seven days before Christmas and she was one of the newest members of their church.

It took him seven days to gather his courage and ask for her name; seven months for them to be comfortable with each other’s presence; and finally, after seven years, here they are, exchanging vows in front of the same church where they first met.

The choir breaks out into a Christmas song after the ceremony ends and his wife wipes a tear from her eye as they watch the gentle snowfall outside the glass window.

“Merry Christmas.”

He pulls her into an embrace and places a chaste kiss on her forehead.

“Merry Christmas.”

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased!”
---Luke 2:1

Sooyoung/Changmin; we're walking in the air, my darling
The evening air is cold and her breath mists in front of her but she doesn’t mind. It is Christmas and it is her favorite time of the year.

She is outside, taking in the beauty of the season as it falls over the city. The trees are glittering from the glimmer of Christmas lights wrapping them; cheery-faced people are singing Christmas carols; and the midnight blue sky is tenfold prettier with the thousand flakes of snow falling gently from its bosom.

A snowflake lands on her nose but before she can wipe it off on her own, a gloved-covered hand crosses her line of vision and flicks the ice crystal away.

She looks up and stares at Shim Changmin’s deep brown eyes staring warmly back at her. Just then, the street glows brighter as fireworks shoot up into the evening sky.

The evening air is still cold but she cannot feel any of it as he wraps his arms tightly around her.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

He whispers softly, his lips like a ray of sunlight in that snowy Christmas Eve as they land gently against hers.

Sooyoung/Kyuhyun; they said christmas is for losers
“Ow! That hurts!” eight-year old Kyuhyun did not expect a giant snowball to hit him in the face first thing on an early Christmas morning.

A merry laugh had him opening his eyes. He brushed the snow away and watched the cheeky face of their six-year old neighbor came into view.

“Merry Christmas, Cho!” Sooyoung giggled. She stuck her tongue out at him before sending another snowball flying in his direction.

“Ow! That hurts!” Sooyoung groaned when she felt a snowball hit her in the head. She whipped around and saw a wavy-haired boy standing in the middle of a snowy field, snowball in hand and trademark smirk on his face.

“Merry Christmas, Choi!”

Sooyoung thought she had let go of all the childish things associated with the winter season the moment she turned into a young adult and went into college. But just one look at him, that boy back home who had played a huge part in her life for eighteen years now, and she knew.

The laughter that left Kyuhyun's throat when she smirked back and scooped up a handful of snow to throw back at him was the merriest he had after a long time.

There are some things you can’t just simply let go of.

Sooyoung/Sungmin; if i give you forever, will you consider it a gift?
Sungmin loves pink too much to the point that he bought ten boxes of pink Christmas decorations to decorate their Christmas tree. Sooyoung argues that the official colors of Christmas are red and green and in as much as she loves the color too, having a pink-themed Christmas party is the last thing on her mind.

“Ya, Sooyoungie~ We can’t let all those Christmas decorations go to waste.” He pouts that already pouty lips of his and continues on hounding the girl as she takes out the third batch of cookies from the oven.

“Don’t use your aegyo on me! It won’t work.” She shakes her head in frustration as she tries to pry her husband who had taken the chance to cling tightly to her arm.

“Miiiiiiing! I’m baking!” She whines out loud. “Just go now, okaaaay?”

Sungmin’s eyes shine as he looks at her.

“Is that a yes?” He asks excitedly, bouncing up and down like a hyperactive bunny.

She grunts halfheartedly but it is enough to send the male running back into the living room. Sooyoung shakes her head once more in disbelief and wonders what their first Christmas as a married couple would be like.

On the night of December 24, Sooyoung arrives home to the smell of a Christmas feast. She drops her bag on the floor when Sungmin holds her hand and pulls her in.

He turns off the lights along the way, leaving the pale pink glow of the Christmas lights to illuminate the room. The soft melody of a Christmas piano piece starts playing from somewhere and Sooyoung gasps upon seeing the candlelit dinner that he has prepared for them.

“Merry Christmas, Sooyoungie.”

Sungmin cloaks her in an embrace. She rests her head on his shoulder and lets out a giggle when she notices the pile of pink-wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.

It has really turned out to be a pink-themed Christmas but hearing the soft breathing of the man in front of him, there’s no other way she will exchange this Christmas for anything else.

A/N: To the wonderful people I've met, thank you for making my life more colorful. Though I do not share the same religion as those who celebrate Christmas, I still find this season special. I've grown up feeling the love associated with this season and for that I am thankful. Any season, any day, any time of the year, as long as we celebrate it with kindness, pureness, and faith, it is worth celebrating. Merry Christmas, everyone. :)
Tags: pairing: sooyoung/changmin, pairing: sooyoung/donghae, pairing: sooyoung/kris, pairing: sooyoung/kyuhyun, pairing: sooyoung/siwon, pairing: sooyoung/sungmin

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